Why We Never Get Bored Of Our Favourite Restaurants

Humans are creatures of habits. Therefore, even if your closest friend recommends you to try the new deli at the corner, you will probably persistently go to the one five kilometers away, since you have gone there every morning for 5 years straight.

Most Will Go To the Same Restaurant, Again

There is really nothing wrong with favoring just a few restaurants instead of new exotic ones with flavours that bring the dead to life at a funeral catering. As a matter of fact, according to a study, nearly 98% of people would choose the same kinds of restaurants over and over again through the years.

People Find Comfort in the Familiar

People enjoy familiar things, precisely because they can count on them being the same all the time. Your favourite restaurants will probably have your same favorite meals all the time, and this makes you come back to them, even if the next-door joint has a Michelin star. Moreover, familiar restaurants would also mean a familiar setting and familiar staff, making each visit to your favorite restaurant almost reminiscent of home.

People Are Adverse To the Unknown

While some people may love indulging in the latest food picks and the weirdest menus, a number of others find the choice to stray to the unknown pub on the street difficult. This is not because people are afraid of new things, but perhaps because making a wrong choice can be stressful. With so many choices available today, it is hard to be assured whether or not a restaurant will match up to a person’s palates and expectations.

People Still Love Novelty

However, not all hope is lost to new food joints, even to the one offering event catering. While people may not get bored of their favorite restaurants, they also have the capacity to enjoy really good food no matter where it’s from. All it usually takes is a good recommendation from a respected person or friend, and if it is as promised, a person can change their habits to accommodate the new.

Still, people would all probably settle for their favorite restaurants in the end, thanks to the attachment they all harbor for their food, their ambiance, their staff, and the funeral catering.